Our Privacy Policy applies to the personal data that Unique Events collects and uses.

References in this Privacy Policy to “Unique Events”, “we”, “us” or “our” mean Unique Events Limited (a company registered in Scotland with registration SC132 639 and registered office at “Suite 1/2 , 2 Commercial Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6JA). We control the ways your personal data are collected and the purposes for which your personal data are used by Unique Events and are the “data controller” for the purposes of the UK Data Protection Act 1998, Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection and the Ordinance and other applicable European data protection legislation.

Our Privacy Policy

We promise that we’ll tell you how we use your data and we’ll use it to keep your event safe, easy and affordable. Plus, we’ll make sure we collect and store your data securely.

We have to collect and keep a little data about you, like your name, email address and payment details.

We promise to collect, process, store and share your data safely and securely. We’ll also make sure that the other businesses we work with are just as careful with your data.

We use data to make your event experience better

We can use the contact details you share with us to let you know if there are changes to the event, or if other things happen that might affect your enjoyment, such as weather or traffic restrictions close to the event.

Plus by listening to what our customers tell us, we can make changes, to make things easier where we can.

You’re in control of your data

If you would like to stop receiving marketing from us, you can review and amend your preferences at any time by logging into your account or emailing us at boxoffice@unique-events.co.uk with the header “Unsubscribe”.

If the information we hold on you is wrong, you can email us at boxoffice@unique-events.co.uk, let us know what needs updating and we will correct it.

Unique Events Ltd is committed to protecting your safety, privacy and takes its responsibilities regarding the security of customer information very seriously. This privacy policy explains what personal data we collect about you, how and why we use it, who we disclose it to, and how we protect your privacy.

Further Detail

Categories of data we collect

  • Your name and surname and your contact details (email address, telephone number and postal address)
    When you purchase tickets through our website or when you take part in our competitions
  • The communications you exchange with us (for example, your emails, letters, calls, or your messages on our online chat service)
    When you contact Unique Events or you are contacted by Unique Events
  • Your posts and messages on social media directed to Unique Events or our affiliated events
    When you interact with us on social media
  • Your feedback
    When you reply to our requests for feedback or participate in our customer surveys
  • Information about your transaction, including your payment card details
    When you purchase tickets to a Unique Events event or services

Data Security, Sharing & Protecting Your Information

We maintain technical and physical safeguards that are designed to protect the security and integrity of your Personal Data, and to guard it against accidental or unauthorised access, use, alteration or disclosure to unauthorised third parties. These measures include device encryption, firewalls and virus checking procedures.

Where we keep Personal Data files on local devices these devices are protected and accessible only to authorised employees.

We regularly review our security systems to ensure that your Personal Data remains safe and secure

Unique Events will only share your information where it is required to do so when services are delivered jointly with other organisations; only relevant information may be shared with them for administration/staffing, marketing and monitoring purposes.

Where information is shared with other organisations or processed on our behalf, we will ensure
adequate protection by ensuring contracts and sharing agreements are in place that define security
controls around the sharing of the information.

Data Processors

We use third party processors to collect, export, process and store Personal Data on our behalf. The processors we use currently are the following:

Ticket seller:

Cloud storage:

Social Media Platform:

Survey Tool:

Web management Tools: